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  • Increase Email Productivity In Your Office
  • Eliminate Wasted Time On Extraneous Email
  • Actionable Data, Insights, & Analytics
  • Syncs Across All of Your Devices

“Your product rocks. I can't live without it. It's in the top three - phone, email, SaneBox ;) ”

Hiten Shah
Co-Founder of Kissmetrics & Crazyegg

“I absolutely love SaneBox, I couldn't work without it, I would completely drown :-) It's especially been helpful for me as the company has grown and my email volume has dramatically increased.”

Joel Gascoigne
Co-Founder And CEO, Buffer

“SaneBox's email efficiency and analytics suite is incredible! It has made me significantly more effective with communication but more importantly, our team of ~100 people have gotten better/smarter/faster with email management. The Dashboard allows for game mechanics and competitiveness to drive people to efficiency!”

Jesse Pujji
Ampush CEO

What if I already have a SaneBox account?

Setting up teams is simple, we can transition any individual SaneBox account over to a team account. If you and your colleagues already paid for an account, we can prorate the difference.

Is there a catch?

No catch! All team trial accounts get a 14-day free trial. At the end of the trial, you have the option to subscribe.

What’s the benefit of teams?

SaneBox for teams offers unlimited features, Active Directory integration and additional admin controls. If you have five or more users at your company using SaneBox, then teams is definitely the way to go, simply from a pricing/feature benefit standpoint.

What happens at the end of my trial?

An account executive will reach out to you at the end of your trial, if you want to sign up your team, we are happy to continue helping you save time. If you feel like SaneBox wasn’t a fit, we can move your account back to a 14-day consumer trial account.