They achieve inbox zero every day with SaneBox

Ampush testimonial

“Before SaneBox, things that came into my inbox that had novelty would sometimes trump things that were actually important. SaneBox has given me “quieter email” and lets me decide when I want to check on that which might be more fun but ultimately less productive.”

Stefan Weitz
Senior Director, Strategy and Partnerships at Microsoft


“SaneBox's email efficiency and analytics suite is incredible! It has made me significantly more effective with communication but more importantly, our team of ~100 people have gotten better/smarter/faster with email management. The Dashboard allows for game mechanics and competitiveness to drive people to efficiency!”

Jesse Pujji


“Email, while absolutely necessary, is a busy channel for communication with a low signal/noise ratio. SaneBox improves it by at least 3x!”

Bill Clerico


“Saves me a ton of time… Period… End of story…”

Kris Walsh
Senior Marketing Manager - Content Strategy


“SaneBox has taken some stress out of my days! It kicks ass!”

Doug McVehil
SVP Programing & Content

Open Table

“SaneBox has made me not hate email, it let’s my inbox remain “pure” by limiting the amount of external and unimportant email in my inbox.”

Jocelyn Mangan


“It has completely rescued my inbox from incessant JIRA notifications! Yay!”

Jessica Thrasher
Scrum Master/Agile Coach

Single Grain

“SaneBox has been instrumental to getting my time back (and my sanity). I have easily been able to save more than 7 hours a week because of its effectiveness. I recommend it to anyone that has to deal with the chaos of e-mail.”

Eric Siu


“SaneBox makes it easy for me to create reminders for email items in the future.”

Susan Kennedy
Knowledge Center Team Lead


“I put my colleagues on SaneBox trial before committing to a team subscription. When it expired, everyone complained that they can't deal with email without SaneBox anymore. That's how helpful SaneBox is!”

Jan Cervinka


“Coping with email volume is a big challenge in the day-to-day running of any business. This challenge becomes huge in the context of a disaster when large numbers of different agencies are involved and when thousands of lives are at stake. SaneBox helps us to keep our email volume manageable and our attention on what is important. Thanks SaneBox!”

Nick Kirkby
Information Manager


“SaneBox helps my team work as personal assistant, by allowing us to focus on useful emails, cutting the clutter, and by reminding us when to follow up, which not only saves time but helps us close deals.”

Abhishek Rungta


“My small tech company receives thousands of emails a week, but most of them are not important. Since we got SaneBox, my staffs spends more time taking care of customers, and less time sorting their overstuffed inboxes.”

Todd Wiener


“This product has made an incredible difference to not only how much time I spend going through emails, but how quickly I notice and respond to the most important ones. I will never be without it!”

Sarabeth O’Neil
Director of Corporate Development


“After just two weeks of using SaneBox, the firm saw a huge improvement in its ability to manage email.”

Bill Hart
Bill Hart, Partner


“There is NO WAY I could go without using SaneBox. You can quote me on that one!”

David Ducharmm
Principal E. Turgeon Construction


“I can't live without SaneBox. I am a magazine editor and I get so many writer and public relation pitches that I could never keep up with my in-box. Now, for once in my life, I am finally able stay on top of my email.”

Jessica Flint
Senior Features Editor Departures | Time Inc.


“I absolutely love SaneBox, I couldn't work without it, I would completely drown :-) It's especially been helpful for me as the company has grown and my email volume has dramatically increased.”

Joel Gascoigne
Co-founder and CEO, Buffer