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SaneBox for Business

Email tools for the busy workplace.

Prioritize your Inbox and...
Track email replies. Set reminders and snooze emails. Spam folder monitoring. Attachment processing and more...

Nothing to install or learn
Works with your email setup. Keep using your current tools.

Bank-level security
Your email stays on your server. 2FA. Multiple layers of physical and software protection.

SaneBox for Business includes

Powerful admin controls
Company wide rules. Active Directory, O365, Notes and Salesforce integrations. Trackable ROI. Data that pinpoints fixable inefficiencies.

SaneConnect for teams
Find out who can introduce you to your next big corporate sale.

SaneBox pays for itself
The average employee saves over 100 hours per year. Unlimited features for a fraction of the cost.

Even more security
Mail processing machines protected by at rest disk encryption and more...

Service integrations

Connect your Salesforce account and SaneBox will make sure emails from your Salesforce leads or contacts will stay in your Inbox (unless you train them otherwise).

*Only available to Salesforce Enterprise customers.

Also works with:
and more…

What if I already have a SaneBox account?

Setting up teams is simple, we can transition any individual SaneBox account over to a team account. If you and your colleagues already paid for an account, we can prorate the difference.

What happens at the end of my trial?

An account executive will reach out to you at the end of your trial, if you want to sign up your team, we are happy to continue helping you save time. If you feel like SaneBox wasn’t a fit, we can move your account back to a 14-day consumer trial account.